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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Work from home is a hot topic and has been for a while.If you need workplace flexibility, work from home might be a GOOD CHOICE. Housewives especially starting their own businesses, blogging, and working at home.They believe staying home to raise children is a priority and a gift. But you can stay at home, take care of the kids and create income for your family while pursuing your own passions.

For many mums, work from home seems like the ideal set up. You get to earn some money and do something for yourself without the wrench of leaving your children and trudging back to the office. There are many different jobs that can be done from home. They are usually flexible, allowing you to be around when your children need you most, and you don't waste precious time travelling to and from work.

Alpha Lipid is the great business for a work-at-home mom! 

* New Image International's business plan is very simple and convenient.

* New Image International's business plan consist of 6 levels. REPRESENTATIVE, SUPERVISOR, MANAGER, RUBY, EMERALD and DIAMOND. But we have a short-cut strategy to jump from Representatite to Ruby! YES. Its true!!

* You can purchase New Image International's products with the member price. RM150 for registered member & RM180 for NON-MEMBER. So, If you're able to sell Alpha Lipid at RM180, you can earn RM30 per can.
*You will receiving fixed rebate of 25% for every can sold. As for example,you brought from company at RM150 per tin which consist of 101 PV. So, 25 % x 101 = RM25 will be given to you as a fixed rebate.If you sells to customer at a price of RM180 for Alpha Lipid, you are actually earn: RM30 + RM25 = RM 55 for every CAN !  

* Alpha Lipid Royalty Cash Bonus 2 times a year!! 

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And there are only a few requirements:

# No experience required.
# Positive attitude
# A laptop or computer

# Access to the internet
# Committed & Consistent 

In short, work from home benefits you:-

+Have increased freedom·   
+Be your own boss
+An expanding business with enormous growth potential·      
+Earn extra cash to plan for your future·    
+Build a profitable business locally and internationally·      
+Work at your own pace with no pressure·    
Have a huge support network at hand when needed·   
+Training provided.
You should go for it, try out work from home business, you can start part time. Stay long enough cause you don’t learn a business in one week..

If you’re interested in taking control of your time so you work from home effectively, contact me to set up a consultation.

Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 0197837048 (Aween).



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