Tips hilangkan eyebag

Friday, September 16, 2011

Simply said, masalah eyebag saya semakin menjadi2..makin ramai da yg tego menego..huhu..kes berat da ni..
So, bangun tido je hari ni, da mind set nak cari petua atau cara2 yang boleh menghilangkan eye bag dgn berkesan..ade beberapa petua yg saya dapat..Esok jugak nk try..nnt saya akan update mcm mn hasilnye ok?
Antara petua2 yg org share kat blog or forum :

a) Pakai eye cream yag dijual di pasaran..haha.simple..Antara jenama2 yg disebut2:

- Garnier Eye Roll

- Artistry Replenishing Eye Cream
-L’oreal Paris’ White Perfect Micro-Vibration Eye Brightener

- Krim Kontur Mata Safi Rania Gold., kite tgk pulak yg petua2 tradisional..

a) Uncang Teh: Lembabkan 2uncang teh ke dalam air panas. Setelah itu, sejukkan uncang teh tadi dengan memasukkannya ke dalam peti ais. Setelah sejuk, letakkannya ke
atas mata selama lebih kurang 15 minit.

b) Timun/Tomato: Hiris timun/tomato and lekapkan kat mata anytime which convenience for you.Letakkan kat mata lebih kurang 15min and lakukan sekerap yang mungkin. kalau tak nak lekap timun kat mata, blh sapu timun kat bawah mata setiap kali sebelum tido.

c) Daun pudina:Hancurkan/tumbukdaun pudina segar dan letakkannya di sekitar bahagian mata. Biarkannya selama 10 minit sebelum mencuci menggunakan air sejuk.

d) Air Susu:lekapkan mata dengan tuala kecil atau kapas yang direndam dengan air susu & biarkan lebih kurang 15 min & cuci.

e) Air Mawar:Sama cara macam air susu..Basahkan kapas dengan air mawar & biarkan lebih kurang 15min & cuci..

g) Tomato & Kunyit:Kisar tomato dengan kunyit & jus lemon, pastu sapu bawah bawah & biarkan sehingga kering..

h)Kentang: Kupas kulit kentang & kisar. Letak kentang yg telah dikisar atas kain/kapas lembut. Sapu bawah mata and biarkan 15-20min.

h) Jangan minum air 1-2 jam sebelum tidur sbb katenye akan menyebabkan kewujudan kantung gelap bawah mata tu.

Huhu..banyak betul petua ni...Mana satu nk ikut ni? 


Selamat Hari Raya

Rasanya masih belum terlambat utk saya wish Selamat Hari Raya...Maafkan saya sekiranya saya ada terkasar bahasa, menyinggung perasaan, menyakitkan hati sama ada secara sengaja atau tidak sengaja kepada sesiapa shj yg mengenali diri saya..Walaupun saya berkerja pd 1st till 3rd day of raya, kekecewaan tu terubat time open house last saturday, 10th Sept 2011...Ramai jugak saudara mara, kawan yang dtg..Thnx pd semua yg sudi dtg ye..luv u all ;)

Baju Raya

Saturday, August 06, 2011

  Well..well.well..we just entered 6th day of Ramadan 2011..but I already have almost 10 pieces of kurung for Raya i too excited?To make it simple, i already have 4 pieces of kurung given by my mom & aunt (Classical Kurung, Songket & Arbaya)..then i bought another 3 from online shop named Maniesz Collection  & Koleksi Baju Kurungku . So far, im really satisfied with their price & service.Another 3 comes from impulse purchase at Tangkak and already sent to my family tailor at Batu Pahat...Not even that, me also sponsored kurung 1 each for my sista & my mom..Jom layan gambar2 nye..

 My Kurung 01

 My Kurung 02

My Kurung 03

Mom's Kurung

Baby's Kurung


It's a joke ke?

Friday, August 05, 2011

3rd ramadan: working night shift..everybody getting busy bersahur before imsak..but not totally in mad at that time..i found a man..well, its one of my colleagues inside women's toilet..what the hell he's doing there?hmm..tgh melabur sambil smoking..sorry to say..kau mmg bodoh x reti baca toilet perempuan atau toilet lelaki!hari ni kau buat kat org..esok lusa org buat lak kt adik kau ke..kakak ko ke..mak ko ke..bini kau kau ke..or anak prmpuan kau..lps tu kau jgn nk mrh or ngamuk2 lak..Tuhan je yg tau perasaan aku mcm mn bile jmp lelaki dlm toilet prmpuan!

Salam Ramadan to all Muslims..

Monday, August 01, 2011


Today is the first day of Ramadan month for the all Muslims around the world...Alhamdullilah kita masih diberi kesempatan untuk berpuasa di bulan Ramadan yang mulia ini..Selamat beribadat kepada semua umat islam & semoga ibadat kita diterima oleh ALLAH S.W.T..

Salam Ramadan...Happy Fasting...Happy Breaking Fast..

With love,

It's all about L.O.V.E : May 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My beloved bf & I celebrating our 2nd anniversary this week..heee (excited)..2 years seems to pretty much fly past before we even know it. It has been 2 year since we both embarked on this journey together as a couple and I must say, we both have grown a lot through this relationship.

We usually celebrate it just by having a dinner for 2 and reminiscing our happy moments together..that's enough for me..whats important is having him around..But girls are always a girls..then I asked him if he bought me an anniversary gift and he said he was having something special for me..Jeng jeng..its a beautiful a pair of crystal stud earring! I absolutely love it!Thanks dear..Anyway i am very happy to be with him no matter he gave me a present or not.But..he haven't received a gift from me yet..haha..sorry's a lil bit late coz im still searching the best present for the best man in my life..Just wait and see k dear.. <3Lastly, The engagement ring was awesome! Tq syg..Its really a wonderful anniversary celebration ever! Lets pray for it.Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.. :)

Double happiness for myself when my cousin got engaged a day before our anniversary..Good for her and I truly am happy for best friend's wedding on 28th of May..Two of my BFF (Faridah & Sue) will get marry at the same date..owh..its so called double, triple, fourple happiness...Love is amazing! That's why i posted 'Its all about L.O.V.E: May 2011'..


Well, actually im done with this topic a long time ago but i didnt post it..i dont even realized it till i posted a new post about 3 mins ago..haha... 

From May to July

I have been gone 2 months from blogging because of Topap Course UniMAP. We, UniMAP graduates 07,08,09 in various engineering program have to attend this course in order to register with Board of Engineer (BEM). But why?why other engineering students from other univ doesnt have any topap course or so called 'Peperiksaan Khas' to register with BEM once they completed their studies? Simple answer..because our degree program has not been accredited yet. so sad is it?

Basically, If you are an engineering student in a non-accredited course, registering with the Board of Engineers Malaysia will be quite a time-consuming process. What's more, you need to be registered with the BEM before you can practise as an engineer here.

Since this topap course only offered at UniMAP, UPM, UniMAS & UMS..i have no choice to attend the class at UPM..traveling from Jb to KL every week..sumtimes by bus..sumtimes by car..mostly by budget sikit..Its really a tough week and challenging in time management in term of study & work.. after a months of studies..soo terer ok..1 months only or approximately 8 days, all 3 subject already covered by the lecturers..da mcm F1 laju nye...The only word that keep repeated in my mind during this course is..tired.tired.tired...

And...jeng jeng jeng..exam is coming...after we have to gone through a super fast study period..and they (the management team) changed the exam schedule without any notice..Smart ah..REDHA jela..During the exam, i felt very anxiety,nervous, worry.. because i cant find any time to study those afraid im going to fail..;( But i tried very hard to stay calm and pray the best for the exams..Many thanks to my friends who helped me a lot during that day.. 

Besides the hard times...i really enjoyed and excited seeing my ex-classmate.. wish all the best for your future friends!

Its already MAY???

Monday, May 16, 2011

As-salam to all muslims..

Yup..Its May..Im shocked..shocked..shocked...Its already May..OMG!! Seems like yesterday that the month of January started!!Fifth month of 2011, almost half a year. Life is short, ain't it?And i didnt post anything since came back from Sarawak..I have been extremely busy for the past three weeks..Too much work to be done at same time but the main thing is to save my family from evil ppl!(mcm superhero seyh)

Somebody that we accidentally met at my uncle's house and pretend to be really nice to us are actually those who want to take advantage on my family, basically because of money!Damn it.Its a so called.."False Friend'!What makes me worry so much is they use black magic on my family to steal money!Yes,I do believed that Allah's power is far more powerful than black magic or any other evil but the I cant run from tons of emotion coz Im the only one who realized that my family under influence of  this evil.Since that, i started to strategies and execute a 'rescue' plan..Alhamdulliah..after some sort of initiative as such praying,doa & help from Ustaz N to combat the black magic, now everything was safe & normal just like before..Can't describe how it totally lightened up my mood, but yes, I was really happy to see my family is now out of it!!I LOVE my Family so much..more than everything in this world. Thank you to my beloved family members, dearest friends who are always being there to support me when I am in difficulties.May Allah protect us all from doing this evil or being affected by it.Amin.

Im taking 2 days Emergency Leave to settle down my family problem..then i cant find any other time to finish my Research Proposal that should to be complete on totally lost about that till i got a reminder from my supervsior to be..Im sorry Dr..hehe.I need to work extra extra overtime to cover my 2 days of EL and also to cover other group as well..Time ni la tak cukup org.. Aduhhh!im running out of time to finish my proposal..its already overdue ok..i promise to show it to my supervisor on end of april..but now already 2nd week of May..haha.. Hope i can finish my proposal and get this things off as soon as possible..chaiyok aween!

Footprint in Sarawak

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


February Shawl # New Stock Update #

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Im going to update NEW Stock of Shawl for my shop blog, ShawlStory =) but due to im working night shift for this week, I don't have much time right now but just wanted to put in a quick update..the work still in progress..huhu.. Insyallah everything will settle up by end this week..Hopefully everything will goes smoothly as what i have planned.So girls, Do visit my blog k..nice collection with affordable price..