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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I have been gone 2 months from blogging because of Topap Course UniMAP. We, UniMAP graduates 07,08,09 in various engineering program have to attend this course in order to register with Board of Engineer (BEM). But why?why other engineering students from other univ doesnt have any topap course or so called 'Peperiksaan Khas' to register with BEM once they completed their studies? Simple answer..because our degree program has not been accredited yet. so sad is it?

Basically, If you are an engineering student in a non-accredited course, registering with the Board of Engineers Malaysia will be quite a time-consuming process. What's more, you need to be registered with the BEM before you can practise as an engineer here.

Since this topap course only offered at UniMAP, UPM, UniMAS & UMS..i have no choice to attend the class at UPM..traveling from Jb to KL every week..sumtimes by bus..sumtimes by car..mostly by budget sikit..Its really a tough week and challenging in time management in term of study & work.. after a months of studies..soo terer ok..1 months only or approximately 8 days, all 3 subject already covered by the lecturers..da mcm F1 laju nye...The only word that keep repeated in my mind during this course is..tired.tired.tired...

And...jeng jeng jeng..exam is coming...after we have to gone through a super fast study period..and they (the management team) changed the exam schedule without any notice..Smart ah..REDHA jela..During the exam, i felt very anxiety,nervous, worry.. because i cant find any time to study those afraid im going to fail..;( But i tried very hard to stay calm and pray the best for the exams..Many thanks to my friends who helped me a lot during that day.. 

Besides the hard times...i really enjoyed and excited seeing my ex-classmate.. wish all the best for your future friends!


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