It's all about L.O.V.E : May 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My beloved bf & I celebrating our 2nd anniversary this week..heee (excited)..2 years seems to pretty much fly past before we even know it. It has been 2 year since we both embarked on this journey together as a couple and I must say, we both have grown a lot through this relationship.

We usually celebrate it just by having a dinner for 2 and reminiscing our happy moments together..that's enough for me..whats important is having him around..But girls are always a girls..then I asked him if he bought me an anniversary gift and he said he was having something special for me..Jeng jeng..its a beautiful a pair of crystal stud earring! I absolutely love it!Thanks dear..Anyway i am very happy to be with him no matter he gave me a present or not.But..he haven't received a gift from me yet..haha..sorry's a lil bit late coz im still searching the best present for the best man in my life..Just wait and see k dear.. <3Lastly, The engagement ring was awesome! Tq syg..Its really a wonderful anniversary celebration ever! Lets pray for it.Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.. :)

Double happiness for myself when my cousin got engaged a day before our anniversary..Good for her and I truly am happy for best friend's wedding on 28th of May..Two of my BFF (Faridah & Sue) will get marry at the same date..owh..its so called double, triple, fourple happiness...Love is amazing! That's why i posted 'Its all about L.O.V.E: May 2011'..


Well, actually im done with this topic a long time ago but i didnt post it..i dont even realized it till i posted a new post about 3 mins ago..haha... 


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