Its already MAY???

Monday, May 16, 2011

As-salam to all muslims..

Yup..Its May..Im shocked..shocked..shocked...Its already May..OMG!! Seems like yesterday that the month of January started!!Fifth month of 2011, almost half a year. Life is short, ain't it?And i didnt post anything since came back from Sarawak..I have been extremely busy for the past three weeks..Too much work to be done at same time but the main thing is to save my family from evil ppl!(mcm superhero seyh)

Somebody that we accidentally met at my uncle's house and pretend to be really nice to us are actually those who want to take advantage on my family, basically because of money!Damn it.Its a so called.."False Friend'!What makes me worry so much is they use black magic on my family to steal money!Yes,I do believed that Allah's power is far more powerful than black magic or any other evil but the I cant run from tons of emotion coz Im the only one who realized that my family under influence of  this evil.Since that, i started to strategies and execute a 'rescue' plan..Alhamdulliah..after some sort of initiative as such praying,doa & help from Ustaz N to combat the black magic, now everything was safe & normal just like before..Can't describe how it totally lightened up my mood, but yes, I was really happy to see my family is now out of it!!I LOVE my Family so much..more than everything in this world. Thank you to my beloved family members, dearest friends who are always being there to support me when I am in difficulties.May Allah protect us all from doing this evil or being affected by it.Amin.

Im taking 2 days Emergency Leave to settle down my family problem..then i cant find any other time to finish my Research Proposal that should to be complete on totally lost about that till i got a reminder from my supervsior to be..Im sorry Dr..hehe.I need to work extra extra overtime to cover my 2 days of EL and also to cover other group as well..Time ni la tak cukup org.. Aduhhh!im running out of time to finish my proposal..its already overdue ok..i promise to show it to my supervisor on end of april..but now already 2nd week of May..haha.. Hope i can finish my proposal and get this things off as soon as possible..chaiyok aween!


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